Technical Expertise in Business Software

Whether you're targeting a specific tech stack, or need to tackle a challenge in specific technologies, we are fluent in a number of programming platforms and web and database systems.

We are available to help you with solutions across a range of platforms — our major specialisations are:

The majority of our projects are based in .NET platforms due to the libraries available, development options, and our intimate knowledge of these environments.

Legacy Migration

We also assist clients with legacy systems and their migration to newer and more capable and supportable platforms.

Canary focuses on bringing the appropriate mix of technology, people, collaboration and agile development to help our customers achieve their goals. Custom software development requires a structured decision making process — our team are knowledgeable to assist businesses throughout the project lifecycle from planning to system implementation and end-user support.

Our services

System Consulting
  • Canary assist with a range of IT consultation services relating to technology development, management and support.
  • Services include requirement analysis, software design, hardware/networking ramifications, marketing and implementation.
Software Development
  • Canary's core focus is software development, with significant strength in ASP.NET and SQL Server.
  • Our development services are comprehensive — it's what we do, and the key reason we exist.
Database Assistance
  • Canary assist with the design, development and implementation of databases and database management systems to meet business requirements and push your business forward.
Support & Maintenance
  • Canary provides software support services for keeping systems running smoothly and updated to meet environmental requirements.
  • We also assist with application installation, upgrades and configuration.
Managed Hosting
  • Canary provides a fully managed service for advanced web hosting and email services.
  • Our hosting services also include forward caching options, and security and anti-spam options.
Legacy Systems & Migration
  • Maintaining, improving and extending legacy systems
  • Updating and migrating legacy systems to newer platforms.

Our solutions

Enterprise Systems
  • Custom software matching exact processes of the organisation.
  • Workflow management, business process encapsulation.
Web Applications
  • Providing incredible user experience from your cloud-hosted system, driving value to users with rapid delivery, and easy accessibility.
Custom Databases
  • Developing customised databases with the exact information, data relationships and processes that match your business.
Electronic Interchange
  • Connecting remote software systems and organisations via messaging with a well specified communication format.
Data Integration
  • Tight intelligent integration of different computer systems to share data or trigger connected processes across different software systems.
Automation & Realtime
  • Auxiliary systems and database backends for automated machine control and real-time systems.

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We can design, develop and support software solutions of varying complexity. To learn more about Canary services, contact us for a no-obligation consultation, or return to the home page.

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