Managed Hosting

Advanced Services

Canary provides a fully managed service for advanced web and application hosting, with high speed, secure server options in New Zealand, Australia, U.K. and North America.

We specialise in ASP.NET / .NET Core hosting — please contact us with your requirements.

Managed Email

Canary provides advanced email hosting services which can be fully managed for our clients. There are extensive anti-spam and tracing capabilities, and full IMAP access options.

Data-Centre Services

Our servers are hosted in Tier-1 data centres around the world with direct peering with major ISPs for high speed traffic. Key features include:

  • High speed, multi-core servers, with high bandwidth internet hosting
  • High-speed internet connectivity with multiple fibre-optic upstream links
  • Raised flooring for optimal airflow distribution
  • Redundant parallel UPSs
  • Backup diesel generators
  • Climate controlled environment
  • Fire detection systems

Many of our development clients opt to host through us, so there is a fully managed service, requiring only one point of contact for software and infrastructure management.

If you have specific ASP.NET hosting requirements or are looking for the piece of mind of a fully managed — rather than self-managed — service, please contact us using the form below to discuss your requirements.

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