Better Business. Today.

We create powerful software,
specific to your needs.


Make your life easier through
professional software development.

Software Innovation

Custom software can dramatically improve your business.

Streamline operations.

Increase customer options.

Automate processes.

Web Applications

Web-based software is installed centrally and easy to maintain.

A rich user experience.

Accessible from anywhere.

From any capable device.

Data & Databases

Effective organisations rely on powerful information.

Canary designs and implements database systems to exact requirements.

Systems Consulting

Canary works with all project stakeholders from users to management.

We analyse requirements and design effective, appropriate solutions to meet the objectives.

Software Support

Canary provides support services for clients in a number of countries.

Check the IT support section for more information.

Managed Hosting

Canary provides fully managed hosting services

We specialise in high performance ASP.NET application, database and email hosting.

Trusted by leading industries and professionals across New Zealand, Australia and throughout the world.

We work with a range of industry standard languages and tech.

Microsoft.NET Microsoft SQL Server

And many more.

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