About Canary

Our customers

Customers use Canary software and solutions for process management, industrial control, enterprise administration and custom applications from entrepreneurial start-ups to mission-critical data systems.


Canary maintains a simple goal: to provide leading solutions talent, delivering market-leading technology solutions with excellent service.
We are constantly working on this with new and innovative solutions, from business consulting to systems integration and custom software development.

The Canary Philosophy

We do achieve a high rating on the geek-scale, yet all members of Canary's diverse development team reserve the right to do non-geeky activities out of hours, providing such activities do not cause a contravention of any of the aforementioned points and are not injurious to the public good.

Canary's Project Focus

From the time our clients give agreement to a job, they are engaged at each stage of development. Our clients are brought into the project, consulted throughout, and know where things are at. The team working on the project knows what’s going on; deadlines are agreed; required components are quickly sourced or developed. Others are ready to provide assistance, debugging and feedback. No punching bags are required as office furniture. The project is mapped out and delivered: The client reviews the outcome and is impressed, and the team is rewarded knowing their software is cool and successful. The client reaps the reward of the successful implementation. Where the project allows, the development team gains kudos by showing their family and all their geeky friends.