Expand your Business — the Power of Custom Software

A significant number of high growth organisations utilise custom computer software as a primary differentiator in operations and service delivery. This custom computer software is created through a process called software development which may involve research, new development, modification, reuse, re-engineering, maintenance, or any other activities that result in software creation.

This combined balance of knowledge and experience allows us to develop systems using proven methodologies, tested in real world environments, and known to succeed.

Canary can help you move into the next step, pushing your organisation forward through the use of innovative, custom designed software. The team at Canary consists of members trained for systems analysis & design, with experience in Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft C#, Microsoft VB.NET, Microsoft C++ and many others.

Canary's Methodology

We leverage the most appropriate technology solutions to enhance business processes and achieve business objectives.

Summed up in a few words, our business exists so we can program your software, and the methodology we often select for programmers is Extreme Programming ( Wikipedia: Extreme Programming) or XP.

Extreme Programming promotes teamwork, and emphasises user involvement, the latter being a vital component in software development.

The steps that make up a systems development can be generically summed up as:

  • Initiation/Planning

  • Requirements Gathering And Analysis

  • Design

  • Build or Coding

  • Testing

  • Operations and Maintenance

Development Tools

Canary has access to a wide range of development tools to assist with software design, software development, software deployment, and database management. Many of these tools are unique to Canary and provide the team with the right facilities to get the job done.

Because Canary chooses to use 'XP' as its preferred systems development methodology, software support can be considered as an extension of the software's initial development, with new features often being requested after the first project is complete.

We augment our development services with further options for software support and maintenance, contact us for more information.

IT Consulting Services

Canary assist with a range of IT consultation services relating to IT development, management and support.

Services include requirement analysis, software design, hardware, networking, marketing and implementation.

Software Development

Canary's core focus is software development, with significant strength in ASP.NET and Microsoft SQL Server.

Our development services are comprehensive — it's what we do, and the key reason we exist.

Database Management Services

Canary assist with the design, development and implementation of databases and database management systems to meet business requirements and push your business forward.

Database Optimisation

Canary can help optimise the performance of your databases to improve business performance through faster, more responsive systems.

Software Support

Canary provides software support services for helping with development issues.

We also assist with application installation, upgrades and configuration.

Managed Hosting

Canary provides a fully managed service for advanced web hosting and email services.

Our hosting services also include forward caching options, and our anti-spam features are well regarded.

Process Optimisation

Finding optimum solutions via mathematical and/or process modelling.

Software Migration Services

Moving software systems to alternative platforms, technologies, architectures and programming languages to ensure they remain accessible and supported.