Can we? How do I do that?

The first step in any successful IT project is understanding objectives, interpreting requirements and designing to achieve the desired result. Canary have a solid knowledge of applied software development — understanding the ways various technologies can be used to more efficiently achieve organisational goals.

Understanding is Everything

We understand the nature of business, and how Information Technology can benefit business by eliminating problems, removing bottlenecks and creating opportunities.

With Canary's domain knowledge in software design, development, configuration, maintenance, database design, implementation and management, we understand what is required and what is not — it's what we do.

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Business Analysis

There are important considerations that must be taken into account before thinking about implementing a new software solution:

  • What needs to be achieved with the new software?

  • How can we minimize administration by automating processes?

  • What new opportunities could technology create for the business?

  • Who needs access to the information?

  • How will existing information be transferred into the new software?

These are just some of the considerations that need to be taken into account. Canary will analyse your requirements, and provide a strategic overview as well as recommendations using our broad experience with business & software solutions.

See also: Process Optimisation

Solution Design

Canary offers full solution design consultancy services, working with clients to specify effective solutions to meet business requirements, right through from project initiation to systems implementation & maintenance, including all necessary design steps:

  • Initiation Planning

  • Requirements Gathering & Analysis

  • Design

  • Testing

  • Implementation

  • Operations & Maintenance

Our comprehensive design consulting will identify a plan of action that will help your organisation achieve its business objectives. Contact us for a free, no-obligation consultation.

IT Consulting Services

Canary assist with a range of IT consultation services relating to IT development, management and support.

Services include requirement analysis, software design, hardware, networking, marketing and implementation.

Software Development

Canary's core focus is software development, with significant strength in ASP.NET and Microsoft SQL Server.

Our development services are comprehensive — it's what we do, and the key reason we exist.

Database Management Services

Canary assist with the design, development and implementation of databases and database management systems to meet business requirements and push your business forward.

Database Optimisation

Canary can help optimise the performance of your databases to improve business performance through faster, more responsive systems.

Software Support

Canary provides software support services for helping with development issues.

We also assist with application installation, upgrades and configuration.

Managed Hosting

Canary provides a fully managed service for advanced web hosting and email services.

Our hosting services also include forward caching options, and our anti-spam features are well regarded.

Process Optimisation

Finding optimum solutions via mathematical and/or process modelling.

Software Migration Services

Moving software systems to alternative platforms, technologies, architectures and programming languages to ensure they remain accessible and supported.