What is Software Migration?

Software migration is the process of moving software systems to alternative platforms, technologies, architectures and programming languages. Essentially, software migration involves re-engineering or adjusting an application or database to fit a different environment from the one for which it was originally designed.

In IT parlance, software migration is usually associated with Legacy Systems – complex, powerful applications that are based on older technologies. Such applications often need to be modified to run on newer platforms or to support innovative business models. Commonly, software migration becomes a requirement for:

  • Legacy transformation: a common example of software migration where a legacy system is "modernised" to support new business processes, hardware and operating systems.

  • Platform changes:Organisations may switch to an alternative software platform, for example from Windows to Mac OS. This may require existing applications to be "ported", or adapted to the new operating environment. (Wikipedia: Porting)

  • Business changes: software migration can be induced by changes in the business context. For example, business partners and customers may force organisations to move their systems to different platforms (e.g. moving from Desktop Applications to Internet Applications to satisfy customer demands).

Software migration can encapsulate a lot of different activities:

  • Language Migrations:moving applications to different languages (e.g. from 3GL to 4GL programming languages)

  • Platform Migrations:moving applications to different platforms (e.g. from mainframes to modern servers)

  • Database Migrations: moving databases to different architectures (e.g. from relational to object-oriented databases)

  • Data Migrations: moving data across different databases and storage types (e.g. from internal databases to external data stores)

Canary Migration Solutions

Our solution architects can help your organisation to implement an effective software migration strategy. We have extensive experience with:

  • Modernisation of enterprise management systems

  • Migration of desktop applications to web-based platforms

  • Database & platform migrations across a range of architectures

  • Data transportation, fail-over & back-up solutions

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Software Migration Services

Moving software systems to alternative platforms, technologies, architectures and programming languages to ensure they remain accessible and supported.