Microsoft SQL Server

Microsoft SQL Server is Canary's relational database management system of choice. Used for recording and querying structured information, Microsoft SQL Server provides very high levels of security, reliability, and scalability and is highly manageable.

Microsoft SQL Server Canary makes extensive use of Microsoft's database platform in a whole range of projects, and the team has the experience to ensure that your database runs smoothly and efficiently.

By harnessing the full potential of a database, Canary creates rich applications with highly customisable content. Content from your database is displayed seamlessly in an custom-built ASP.NET website or Windows-based desktop application, where manipulating and visualising data is a breeze.

Alternative, open-source database managements systems are also available, and Canary also works with PostgreSQL and MySQL as well as non SQL platforms – but our underlying preference remains with SQL Server – especially now it also offers Linux versions and unpaid licensing for most small installations.

Why SQL Server?

Microsoft SQL Server is a proven, reliable technology for managing mission-critical data in business applications. The SQL Server platform provides supports business intelligence and data storing capabilities, allowing organisations to fully utilise the potential of their business data:

  • Data Warehousing: SQL Server is extremely scalable and can support informational needs of various organisations. From simple databases to large data warehouses, optimised for Online Analytical Processing (Wikipedia: OLAP SQL Server can satisfy any set of business requirements.

  • Business Intelligence: SQL Server provides a flexible Business Intelligence platform for data analysis. With optimised data mining capabilities, organisations can discover unknown facts about their businesses

  • Server Consolidation: SQL Server provides a high-performance data management environment reducing hardware and data maintenance investment

  • Virtualisation: In current economic conditions, SQL Server provides a cost-appropriate solution for server virtualisation. Running multiple Operating Systems on a single physical machine is easy and effective with SQL Server, allowing organisations to decrease IT investment and make full use of under-utilised servers.

  • Online Transaction Processing: With the advance of the Internet and growth in customer demands for faster, more customised services, SQL Server provides an appropriate platform for fast, high-performance transaction processing. Organisations can save time and money by getting mission-critical information quickly and efficiently.

  • Application Development: SQL Server provides an excellent foundation for application development by utilising the latest ADO.NET Entity Framework. While this is certainly exciting for software developers, for organisations this means that more intelligent and advanced business applications can be developed faster, reducing budget requirements.

SQL Server & Your Business

You should consider investing in a SQL Server solution, if:

  • Your business applications require a robust database management system

  • You wish to improve organisational knowledge about customers, competitors and business opportunities

  • Your organisation employs other Microsoft technologies, such as Microsoft Office Sharepoint Server

  • Your data assets need to consolidated under a centralised, scalable, and cost-appropriate platform

  • You wish to utilise the power of server virtualisation and reduce investment in hardware

Small organisations can also benefit from the powerful functionality provided by Microsoft SQL Server through a free SQL Server Express Edition. We can help your organisation select the most appropriate database management technology and design an effective database system to satisfy your business requirements. You can learn more about database solutions provided by Canary here.