Government & Public Sector

Canary operates in this demanding sector by developing systems to increase efficiency, reduce costs and provide accessibility to information. Working with New Zealand's export industries and health and research sectors we have been able to help these organisations streamline activities and provide better service.

Projects completed by Canary in this sector include systems for:

Manufacturing & Industry

Canary's knowledge of systems design and development provides a solid platform for developing software systems that push the limits of current manufacturing and industry norms. Software can manage processing functions, assist with decision making, reduce bottlenecks and increase throughput.

  • Process Management Systems

  • Timber Grading & Sorting Machines

  • Software Management for Laser Cutting Operations

Health & Healthcare

Canary's work with health related projects has provided means to allow these high priority organisations to drive efficiency, in efforts to provide better services for patients.

Projects in this sector completed by Canary include:

Professional Services

Canary supports professional services with custom-made software systems for specific service delivery, as well as time-billing systems and software innovation.

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Start-up & Emerging Companies

Many new ventures rely on innovative software as the framework for their business offering. In many cases, for domestic projects, accelerated growth is available through grants from Technology New Zealand, in order to achieve innovative new business models with demonstrable payback.

Examples of successful start-up software innovation: